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Helping Clients Through Nonresident Probate In Florida

When a resident of another state who owns property in Florida passes away, a personal representative generally will have to deal with Florida law to pass the Florida real estate to heirs. Even when a nonresident’s estate is administered in his or her home state, Florida courts have jurisdiction over the real estate situated in Florida. An ancillary probate proceeding in Florida is typically handled at the same time as the estate is administered in the decedent’s home state.

Experience With Clients Across The Country And Military Families Internationally

A number of factors influence how complicated the ancillary probate action will be in Florida. If there is a will under administration in the decedent’s primary state of residence, the ancillary probate process can be processed fairly quickly in Florida. At the Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., in Melbourne, we have worked with residents of states across the country for more than 10 years in settling the affairs on nonresidents who own real estate in Florida. We also have substantial experience working with military families across the country and internationally in settling the affairs of our nation’s deceased heroes.

We have the experience to guide you through the complicated ancillary probate rules to give you the peace of mind that your loved one’s property will transfer efficiently and smoothly. In most instances, a nonresident personal representative or executor does not have to come to Florida to administer the estate. We will work with you to keep the costs of ancillary probate matters under control.

Nonresident probate is necessary to administer:

  • Assets left in Florida
  • Credits due from residents of Florida
  • Liens on property situated in Florida

We will quickly advise you on what is necessary to obtain ancillary letters for a personal representative and commence a probate proceeding in Florida. We will also explain Florida’s probate bond requirements.

Settling Your Loved One’s Florida Probate Matters To Give You Peace Of Mind

We take the time to understand the concerns and goals of out-of-state clients to ensure that your loved one’s property and financial affairs in Florida are settled properly. We routinely work with personal representatives and their home-state attorneys to promptly complete the estate administration process in Florida. We understand that distance can often make it difficult for out-of-state residents to address matters in another state. We are committed to providing clients with open and honest communication to keep clients fully informed of the status of the estate, address concerns and ensure that the requirements of Florida law are fully addressed.

Contact An Experienced Ancillary Probate Lawyer In Brevard County

If you have been named the executor or personal representative in a loved one’s will and have questions about real estate and other assets situated in Florida, we encourage you to call us to learn how our financially savvy probate administration lawyer can help you. To discuss your concerns, call 800-495-9153 toll free or send us an email to request a consultation.