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Using professionals for estate planning

Florida residents may not think twice about seeking out professional assistance when they are sick. The same principle should apply to estate planning. Using professionals when creating an estate plan can help reduce the likelihood that there will be complications with a person’s estate after they die.

An estate planner can be just one part of a team of professionals a person can use to take care of their estate affairs. The team may include a CPA or accountant, a financial adviser and an estate planning attorney.

The first step in estate planning should be a conversation with an attorney. The attorney may evaluate a person’s goals for their estate and suggest whether an estate planner would be helpful.

Drafting legal documents can be one of the most helpful services that estate planning professionals can provide. The estate planner will have insider knowledge that can be helpful when creating wills, trusts, healthcare directives, powers of attorney and other legal documents that may be necessary to protect a person’s interests and honor their wishes should they be unexpectedly incapacitated or when they die. Professionals can also help eliminate any burdens or complications that heirs could face after an estate’s owner dies.

Using referrals can be particularly helpful when searching for an estate planner who will be able to address a person’s unique situation. Referrals can be obtained from industry experts, relatives and friends.

When choosing an estate planner, it is important that individuals choose someone with whom they are comfortable. They should expect to conduct multiple interviews before finding some who is the best fit.

An estate planning attorney may assist clients with determining which legal documents should be included in their estate plan to protect their interests. The attorney may provide services such as drafting wills or the provisions of trusts.