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What are the impacts of silver divorce?

Older couples in Florida do not always end up sticking together. The rate of silver divorce is on the rise, with more and more older couples deciding that it is not too late to split and go their separate ways. However, as a silver divorcee, you will certainly face unique hurdles that other, younger couples may not have to worry about. 

The emotional impact 

There are important facts about silver divorce that anyone considering getting a divorce should be aware of, starting with the emotional impact that it could have not only on you and your partner, but also on your children. The older you are, the more time there has been to establish your current family dynamic. Additionally, your children are your children no matter how old they are. Whatever their age, it is never easy to accept a parent’s divorce or adjust to things in the aftermath. 

You and your partner may also have a hard time adjusting. You have spent such a large portion of time in each other’s company, and readjusting to life by yourself can be a struggle after that. Additionally, you may find it more difficult to meet new people and find another potential partner if that is something you desire. 

The financial impact 

Of course, finances also becomes one of the other major impacts of ending a long-term marriage. After so many years together, you have likely accumulated a fair amount of combined financial assets. Deciding how to split this up can be an affair in and of itself. The retirement fund splitting can also be a difficult process. Additionally, it can be scary and even possibly risky to cut your assets in half when you are on your way to retirement or have already retired. However, for some, these risks are well worth the rewards involved with divorcing, so you should choose carefully.