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Some naval veterans face opposition to Agent Orange benefits

While veterans in Florida may hope to rely on the Department of Veterans Affairs to support their claims for benefits, a group of Navy veterans continues to face opposition to receiving benefits for Agent Orange healthcare. These "Blue Water Navy" veterans served in the Vietnam war on ships off the coast of Vietnam. While strong bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress support the veterans' benefits, the VA has renewed its strong opposition. The agency says that there is insufficient evidence to show that veterans who served off the coast suffered ill effects from the widespread use of Agent Orange, a toxic defoliant.

Disable veterans gain access to Space-A travel

Thanks to a measure in the latest National Defense Authorization Act, disabled veterans will now be able to travel on any armed forces flight within the continental U.S., scheduled or unscheduled, that's operated by Air Mobility Command. The benefit applies to any veteran with a service-related, permanent disability rating of 100 percent. This legislation was introduced Florida Rep. Gus Bilirakis, who sits on the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

Understanding changes to military retirement

Military retirees in Florida may find themselves confused by the veterans' benefits system, especially the changes to the retirement system that took place on January 1, 2018. The new system is known as the Blended Retirement System because it brings together two types of retirement income, annuities for people who retire after 20 years of service and income from the Thrift Savings Plan or TSP. The TSP is a government-run 401(k) retirement account that allows people to invest their own savings in stocks as well as receive an employer contribution.

Executive order aims to minimize suicide among veterans

By order of President Donald Trump, three government agencies must come up with a plan to improve conditions for military veterans who are facing difficulties adjusting to civilian life. On the second Tuesday of the year, the President ordered Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs to coordinate the formulation of a new strategy aimed to reduce the high rates of suicides among veterans from Florida and around the country who are returning from the protracted armed conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, which in recent years have expanded to Syria and parts of the African region.

Flare-ups will now need to be considered in disability ratings

A recent ruling by the Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims may make it easier for veterans in Florida to obtain higher disability ratings. The court considered a case involving a veteran who had musculoskeletal injuries that caused pain flare-ups for which he had received a 10 percent disability rating.

Veterans' benefits to help with long-term care costs

In Florida, some veterans and their spouses may be eligible for a long-term care benefit through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Despite the availability of this benefits program, only 5 percent of the funds are accessed each year because many people simply don't know about the program's existence.

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