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Many older adults find it difficult to remain independent. Simple abilities like driving, taking medications or running errands become much more difficult tasks to the person who is losing their vision, hearing or even just using an assistive device such as a walker. Because many people choose to move to Florida after they retire, their families are often geographically distant and are not always able to help oversee medical care for their loved one. Seniors and their families need help navigating the complex world of senior resources, including complex government and insurance regulations, and management of their personal and medical needs. A geriatric Case Manager can help do just that. They also help families of seniors to maintain their own independence, assuring that loved ones are in safe and knowledgeable hands.

What Is Geriatric Case Management?

Geriatric Case Management is a profession dedicated to assisting elderly people and their families by developing plans for long-term care, as well as living arrangements. Case Management also involves assessment of needs, coordination, and management of daily and long-term support services.

How Is Case Management Different from Guardianship?

In case management, decision-making remains with the person. A case manager is simply an experienced advisor who can assist in the daily questions that arise as we age. Case Management involves responding to a wide range of issues including medical, social, legal, financial, housing, family and personal needs.

Who Needs a Case Manager?

More and more people are turning to Geriatric Case Managers. These professionals handle everything from assuring that the person is eating properly to arranging for legal and financial services. By serving as the family’s eyes and ears, a geriatric Case Manager provides peace of mind. Having a Case Manager offers seniors and their families a comprehensive range of services with a distinctly personal touch. The Case Manager’s purpose is to help clients maintain quality of life, independence and personal dignity by carefully assessing their needs and providing the most desirable, yet affordable solution and monitoring progress.

At the Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., we offer Case Management services to a select group, ensuring you or your loved one will never be just a number or patient chart. Our clients have worked hard their entire lives and it is our pleasure to help them enjoy their golden years.

Is Case Management Affordable?

Although Case Management services are typically paid at an hourly rate, most families find that the service is invaluable. Not only can a Case Manager save your family time and frustration by tending to everyday needs, but a geriatric Case Manager is often able to save the client thousands of dollars in other areas by reducing hospitalization costs through continuous medical monitoring and guiding toward the appropriate resources for financial and estate planning.

To learn more about our experienced team of geriatric Case Managers, schedule a consultation at 321-426-1848 or toll free at 800-495-9153 or send us an email.

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