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Give Your Family The Gift Of Advance Health Care Directives

Adults of any age can benefit from letting their wishes be known through advance directives related to health care decisions. In Florida, a person can appoint a health care surrogate to make important medical decisions on his or her behalf should he or she be mentally incapacitated or physically unable to express his or her wishes to medical professionals.

Creating the appropriate combination of documents is critical to make sure that your family understands your health care desires. Many people understand that a living will can provide relatives with comforting information about your outlook on end-of-life decisions if you should suffer from a terminal injury or illness. Florida law also allows any competent adult to designate a surrogate who can speak with physicians if you are incapacitated and make informed decisions on your behalf. The surrogate is able to ensure that informed consent is vindicated on your behalf.

Comprehensive Guidance In Designating Your Health Care Surrogate

At the Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., in Melbourne, we understand that choosing a health care surrogate is a difficult process for many individuals. Our experienced estate planning attorney will take the time to learn about your individual concerns and family dynamics to guide you through the decision-making process. Choosing the best person to act as your voice may not always result in the person whom people believe is the most obvious choice.

For instance, the oldest son or a person with medical training may or may not be the best choice. A loved one with a medical background may live across the country. A relative who lives close and has been involved in your day-to-day activities may be the better choice. We will work directly with you to help you determine who is best suited to speak on your behalf should you be unable to do so.

Give Your Family The Gift Of Advance Planning

Our skilled estate planning lawyer is available to help you create a plan to protect your family from contentious disputes concerning your health. To arrange a meeting with an attorney who is passionate about solving advance planning problems, send us an email or call locally at 321-426-1848 or 800-495-9153 toll free.