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Wills & Trusts

The Benefits of Having a Last Will and Testament

If you pass away without a valid will in place, the state will be in complete control of how and to whom your assets are distributed. Unfortunately, the Florida government is not concerned about your last wishes or who you would choose to manage your estate. In addition, not having a will can increase the cost and stress of probate for your decedents.

At the Law Office of Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., we understand that each family has unique goals, concerns and interpersonal dynamics. Our Melbourne, Florida, wills and trusts attorney will take these specific needs into consideration as we help you design a will that guards against any potential challenges or family disagreements in the future.

Did you know? You do not have to leave any of your assets to your adult children if you do not choose. If you prefer to leave your money to a charitable society instead of your estranged son or daughter, for instance, a will can allow you to do so.

Brevard County Attorney Advising on the Benefits of Having a Revocable Living Trust to Avoid Probate

One common misconception is that a person must have a significant amount of money or assets to have a trust. This is not true. Myriad different types of trusts are available to meet the needs of individuals and families at all economic levels. Even if you currently have no assets at all, you can create a trust to receive any future money you may gain from life insurance, inheritances or other means.

Unlike a standard will, which only goes into effect after you pass away, a revocable living trust is a powerful tool both before and after that time. Revocable living trusts offer many potential benefits. They can:

  • Allow your family to avoid the expense and publicity of the time-consuming probate process
  • Allow for separation of assets for married couples
  • Allow you to change the trust at any time to address new financial or personal issues
  • Allow you to add new assets to the trust as your finances increase over time

Want to Avoid Probate With an Estate Plan? Consult Our Florida Lawyer.

To learn more about how Amy B. Van Fossen, P.A., can help you create a legally enforceable will or trust and potentially avoid probate, call our Brevard County lawyer locally at 321-426-1848 or toll free at 800-495-9153, or send us an e-mail today.